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Manubhai Patel

(Director - Manubhai Zaveri Ornaments Pvt Ltd)

A veteran player in the jewellery segment, the Manubhai Zaveri success story teaches one and all to lead, while creating class.

  • Diversifying for excellence: Founded in 1970 by ManubhaiZaveri, the group by the same name today boasts of being a key player in Ahmadabad's jewellery segment.The group is engaged in the field of wholesale and retail business in the local market as well as outside markets, apart from exporting to overseas countries like USA, UK, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia and Singapore. The prestigious showroom was set up in the upcoming market of C.G. Road in 1988-89 and becoming one of the most popular jewellery stores offering the best designs, quality products and a service that translates into customer delight.

  • Of matchless quality and fine brilliance: Over the years ManubhaiZaveri has generated a loyal clientele spread across all over the subcontinent and abroad. Their customers have come to appreciate the International craftsmanship and the individualistic sense of style. "The jewellery we design is different and classic. It makes a statement even if it is a small pair of earrings. Every woman today wants to look different and wear something original. Quantity wise there is so much available in the market, but we believe in quality, a limited selection and a matchless unique product that stands out and makes a statement, says Manubhai. The group boasts of a unique approach to manufacture designer premium class jewellery and royal jadtarjewellery.

  • Equipped to excel::“Today’s jewellery markets demands proactive management to keep pace with rapidly changing trends. In this challenging environment, customer needs professional management of their trust. They require the assistant of an organization with extensive experience, reliability and transparency of operations. We always try to support our customers (retailers) in all means. Apart from our service, ManubhaiZaveriis very conscious about its designs therefore planning to develop all its designs before one year then the market and relies on its most updated design bank and a huge variety in each category. It has a balanced set of designing process, involving the understanding of market first which results in an internal process of design development,” says DarshanZaveri, son of ManubhaiZaveri. Talking about the company’s brilliance in art, he adds, “We have our own designers who are experts in developing new motifs based on the customer's requirements. Being a premier Jewellery Developer and huge volume of jewellery manufacturing, we have established our own Jewellery Design Unit.We are capable of creating new designs to satisfy varied tastes. Our marketing starts right from our artisans who make just the right merchandise to delight our customers, to our well qualified sales team, which is thoroughly trained to help customers make the most difficult of purchasing decisions.

  • The real growth: “We have been regularly participating at the India International Jewellery show since 2003 – a B2B exhibition organized by The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Ministry of Finance, India every year at Mumbai – wherein we get to interact with known names from the jewellery segment across the world. Similarly, we have been getting good HNI customers from our participation at the retail B2C exhibitions in Ahmadabad, Baroda and Surat. Everyday there is different types of customer’s entry at our showroom from different city of India viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Patna etc. Our foray into the realty segment is yet another diversification that will see us charter newer heights of growth,” says Darshan.

  • The success saga: What started from scratch has today emerged as a name to reckon with in the jewellery business. “Hard work, honesty and quality service to our customers has been our success mantra. And, while others look forward to expanding their business by opening new branches/franchisee, we intend to reverse the order by supplying our products to the top ten retailers of every State in India and overseas. Most certainly, in the coming decade, India will see and speak of our work,” adds Darshan. Citing the company’s phenomenal growth story Manubhai says, “We are the leaders not the followers. We never look at what our competitors are doing. Instead, we always try to create our own niche and bring life into every piece that we bring out. As a word of advice to the upcoming generation, I would stress on the point that one should not be a follower of competitors but should rather become the creator at whom the competitors look up to.”